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  1. WTB: Rolling MKIII Mr2 Blown Engine

    Cars for Sale
    Hello Spyderchat, Ive lurked on these forums for quite awhile but due to the lack of owning an MR2, I havent necessarily had anything useful to contribute. Ive recently moved out to Portland OR, wrecked my s2000, and am now looking to resurrect her with an MR2. I would prefer finding...
  2. Pulling the head at home, need help with the intake manifold

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    so im pulling the head without dropping the motor and i have been STRUGGLING with this intake manifold, i see many people just cutt the firewall but i am very short on tools. i'd like to know where exactly all the bolts are & if they're accessible from the rear side of the car. any tips...
  3. Modifying the Spyder's electro-hydraulic steering

    Performance Modifications
    With all the Corrola related controversy on its electric steering. I've been reading up on the system we have on the Spyder Electro-hydraulic. See here: I would presume from that info that there would be a way intervene between the computer and the...