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  1. Should I Buy This SALVAGED-titled MR2 Spyder?!?!

    Dealers and Pricing
    I'm considering buying a 2001 MR2 Spyder with 47k miles. It's only $4800 and I could probably bargain him even lower, since it's winter (although it is an LA winter) and I get the feeling he needs the money. It seems to run great, and looks great but there are a few minor (maybe major down the...
  2. FS: 2001 Silver MR2 Spyder (New Engine/Mods) $7,800

    Cars for Sale
    FS: 2001 Silver MR2 Spyder (New Engine/Mods) $7,000 2001 Silver Toyota MR2 Spyder (MR-S) For Sale. $7,000 Mods are as follows: - Full Japan Trial Body Kit - Wings West Rear Spoiler - ACT Stage 2 Clutch (BRAND NEW) - TRD Short-Throw Shifting Kit - Full Apexi Cat Back Exhaust System...
  3. GB: Team Moon Exhaust

    Member Market Place
    Well since the price of a new TM Alum Dual via a GB is not that much higher than a used one through SC, I figured I'd see who else would be interested on picking up one of these. Unfortunately, I missed out on the most recent GB (and wasn't on here much to know of the ones in the past) but since...
  4. Western WA Paint Shop Wanted

    Appearance Modifications
    Looking for a good paint shop in Everett to Seattle, WA area to re-paint my 2001 MR-S this winter. Anyone had any good experiences they want to share? Any recommendations on paint, paint mods, etc.? Just looking to re-paint the current '01 solar yellow to solar yellow. Some mild mods would be...
  5. Need help in houston!

    Appearance Modifications
    SO I am currently serving overseas in Iraq and I have been saving a little money on the side just for mods to my all factory '02 Spyder. I desperatly wish to get some mods done prefferably before I get back ( body kit, paint job, engine swap, new top, precat, and maybe a SC) but I don't know...