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  1. Hardtop for sale - SOLD

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Located in Orange County, CA. Comes with kit. $3000 OBO. No lowballers. Won’t let me upload pictures. ANNOYING AF.
  2. Red hard top, Massachusetts

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    SOLD SOLD Red hard top, Massachusetts SOLD SOLD I have a newly-imported red hard top available, stored in Billerica, MA. Obtained this though SpyderChat's own Mike V a couple months ago, now changing plans force sale. Comes with complete set of mounting hardware. Asking $2100, open to...
  3. FS: Complete 2ZZ swap/ c60, (MWR Harness, exedy clutch, 01GTS ECU).

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FS: JDM C60, and c56 low miles parting out my spyder and swap. after completing the swap the car was hit 2 days after registering it. everything swap related is still new. motor sounds perfect, the tranny shifted perfect and over all the car pulled awesome. Location: Upstate NY C60...
  4. FS: Pair of JDM MR-S Front Fenders (blue color) + turn signal repeaters

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hi, I have for sale a pair of JDM MR-S front fenders in blue, with the OEM turn signal repeaters. In great condition, minor marks on the fenders. SOLD
  5. Finally installed my T1808... But I need a solution for a 3.5mm AUX input!

    Audio and Electronics
    The sound difference is amazing. I can't wait to install the new speakers I have for the car, but just the new headunit is night and day difference! I've already set the SSP to xD, and will be looking up how to change the text. I grabbed it for $20 shipped on eBay, and it came with and 3.5mm...
  6. MR2 Spyder Techart

    Appearance Modifications
  7. TODA TOM'S or TRD Flywheel

    Performance Modifications
    Which one should I buy? TODA TOM'S TRD
  8. Gold Saint and Mirage GT from Thailand

    Appearance Modifications
    Sorry, The owner of those cars don't want to be post his car picture out side the country. So I will show you White Warronto Body kit and Original MR-S
  9. Need knowledge...Clutch Pump??? (Lost in Translation)

    Ok, I live in Japan and own a 2001 MR-S with SMT. (Love the car!) About a week ago, my car shut down while driving with a clunking sound and the "COG" with "!" lit. I could not get it to immediately restart. I then got it to start in a rolling start. I drove it to the side of the road and...
  10. FS: NEW Abflug Full Body Kit

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FOR SALE: New Abflug MR-S Full Body Kit $1,500 I brought this kit from Japan 3years ago but never installed and I sold my car. Tese are full complete kit for MR-S. I spend more then $8,000 for this kit but don't need any more. I will ship any where in state, no international. Any question...
  11. [GB] LOGO group buy ('Spyder', 'MR-S', 'J-Spec')

    Vendor Deals
    [GB] LOGO group buy ('Spyder', 'MR-S', 'J-Spec') ENDS 1/8/10 LOGO GROUP BUY 'Spyder' 'MR-S' 'J-Spec (Eagle)' ($20 each, $17 with purchase of clear/taller deflector) ***Ends Friday, Jan. 8th, 2010!!!*** These logos fit perfectly on your rear wind deflectors: Below are the 3 logo choices...
  12. MR2 Spyder/MR-S - Body kit/Kit car project

    Appearance Modifications
    We are now working on development of a new Body kit/Kit car for MR2 Spyder/MR-S. More pictures at or