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  1. SMT TRANSMISSION PROBLEM-stays in neutral

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I am having a probles with my 2002 Toyota Mr2. it will not shift into any gear and stays in neutral, it also makes this pumping sound to the left of the engine. the gear light with the (!) stays on. The display that shows what gear I am in doesn't show what gear I am in. PLEASE HELP! I just sold...
  2. SMT problem, can not shift into any gear, stuck in neutral.

    Hi everyone, Recently bought a 2001 SMT MR2 with 59k on it with a FSH, all previous MOT's and receipts for work done, after enjoying a lovely 100 miles trouble free (even managed 50 fantastic miles with the roof down in some rare sunny weather) I was stopped at a traffic light when the car...
  3. SMT driving in town

    Just a survey of how SMT drivers does city driving... do you guys switch to N at traffic lights, or just let it rest in 1st? The manual recommends smtg of the former IIRC. But my impression is that, in normal pottering around town (not like stuck in 2hr jam that kind), the latter is actually...