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  1. Hello Everyone. New 2004 Owner (Illinois)

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    Hello Spyder fanatics! Pleased to join you. Just picked up a 2004 with an LSD and 5 speed manual. I did however have a few questions about the cars: 1. Spare tire: Pages 170-175 of the manual detail the procedure for fixing a spare tire; considering the car has a limited slip differential...
  2. New mr2 owner looking for suggestions

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    So I did it! I bought an 02 spyder! Yay I'm in debt! Now what.....? Gut the pre-cats........check let the intake breathe.......check (just put some less restrictive piping in) buy exhaust........check (got a che dual can lotus style on craigslist $75 new:o) here's where I could use help. Do...
  3. Brand New Spider Owner!

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    Hey everyone. I just joined spyderchat and recently purchased my mr2. Its a yellow '03 and it only had 11,500 miles on it! I've been reading the forums alot to get ideas and tips for what I want to do with it. Its completely stock aside from the short throw shifter and shift cable bushings that...
  4. Tires: What's best?

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    Greetings. I'm new here . . . about to purchase my brother's 2002 Spyder with 30K miles riding on its original Bridgestone Potenza RE040 tires. Looks like tire selection limited. What's preferred? Anybody using any all-seasons on these cars, or is that crazy??? One tire dealer suggested...