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  1. Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, I have some paint chips on my car. Most are through the primer down to bare metal or plastic; none are larger in surface area than my pinky. The largest (that I recall offhand) is maybe 0.50" x 0.25". I know I can buy OEM color matched touch up paint from my local dealership. What...
  2. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Custom car cover - LIKE NEW! SOLD I am selling a Covercraft Evolution car cover. This cover is weather resistant and is custom fitted specifically for the mr2 spyder (includes pockets for side mirrors) . I bought it last year and used it for literally 2 months before selling my MR2 (my wife got...
  3. Appearance Modifications
    I'm wanting to paint my brake calipers. Has anyone done this or know how to do it? Also, are there any kits that you would recommend? I have a blue 2000 MR2 and want to paint them yellow. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks, Ross
  4. Appearance Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm still a bit new around here. I purchased an mr2 not too long ago with about 90k miles on it and it's completely stock. Well I'm currently in school so I'm also on a budget. Just looking at my car will do me no good, so I've been doing some minor things to her. First off, I went...
  5. Appearance Modifications
    Looking for a good paint shop in Everett to Seattle, WA area to re-paint my 2001 MR-S this winter. Anyone had any good experiences they want to share? Any recommendations on paint, paint mods, etc.? Just looking to re-paint the current '01 solar yellow to solar yellow. Some mild mods would be...
  6. Appearance Modifications
    Does anyone know....? If you pull the TOYOTA & MR2 badge off the back of the Spyder, does it have guide holes in the body / trunk, or are they emblems just stuck on with tape or adhesive?
  7. Appearance Modifications
    Alright, well there was a little mishap when de-badging my front bumper. My friend wanted to help me while I was working on my car I told her to rub the area where I took of my nose badge with a little Goo Gone, to try and get off the little specks of adhesive before I put on my new...
1-7 of 7 Results