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  1. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    It’s a long shot I know but does anyone have any OE floormats hiding in their garage that they don’t need? I’m willing to pay a fair price for them. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you 🙏
  2. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Located in 91343 California. Bought this 3 weeks ago as a gift to my self. Woke up December 25th to find out some asshole hit it and drove away in the middle of the night. I was going to fix it but it has frame damage even though it doesn't look bad. Engine and cat are bad (bought it like...
  3. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    1zz and 2zz exhaust parts + more Engine: SOLD 5spd w/short shifter,clutch, flywheel - make an offer ECU- make an offer Intake tube w/airbox and filter - $60+ shipping 20K mile Injectors- $50 + shipping Gutted exhaust manifold- $50 ( can include 6month old Denso sensors for $30 ) total $80 +...
  4. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Selling off some parts i'm not going to be using for my swap. I am going to list a handful of things i will be selling, but i'm sure there's plenty of other things i'm willing to sell. all came off a 2003 model 5 speed spyder with 109k miles on it. Top is ripped, long block and exhaust are sold...
  5. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
  6. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Mr2 got into a nasty wreck so no selling parts salvaged from car. I have a complete 2zz swap for sale, comes with everything you need for a swap. Converted 6speed, side mount, swap headers, ecu, and harness. The motor and tranny is originally from a corolla xrs. It doesnt burn oil and no leaks...
  7. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    **Updated** Parting out silver 2002 in Los Angeles Anyone looking for any parts? Up for grabs is my dearly departed '02 Silver MR2 Spyder. I can sell it outright if you want, not really sure what it goes for in this condition or you can request some parts off it. The backend and engine are...
  8. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Rather than listing everything that I have, I am just going to post a couple pics to give a general idea of what to expect. I am willing to take pictures of ANYTHING that I possibly can for you (unlike most members here!). Long story short: I being the nice guy lent my Spyder to my retard of...
1-8 of 8 Results