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  1. WTS: APEXi PowerFC ZZW30 $750

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking to sell my Apexi PowerFC. I bought it looking to turbo my 1zz but alas i need a new engine so i'm going to go the 2zz route. I hooked it up and used it for about a week and then disconnected it. Comes with the original Commander. $750 shipped. I'd prefer paypal and please consider the...
  2. MR2S Harness to Celica/PFC 2zz ECU

    Engine Management
    Here's a diagram that I put together. If you see any errors please contact me. Thanks to Cap and MWR for the information. Don't forget to swap the 2 lower pins on the TPS!! EDIT: Corrections made regarding ENG side A7, B12, C7 and D28. Also added definitions of the different pins that are...
  3. How many HP offers a stock 2ZZ Apexi Power FC?

    Performance Modifications
    How many HP offers a 2ZZ Apexi Power FC with N/A base map?
  4. FS: 1zz PFC, Datalogit, stock suspension, cubby doors

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FS: 1zz PFC, Datalogit, Cobra and Corbeau seats Hello everyone, I sold my Spyder, but I still have some parts around. 1zz PFC ($550 + shipping) datalogit (sold) Seats ($200 obo each) local pick up please (DFW area) Shoot me a PM if you're interested in anything. PFC should have a turbo map...
  5. Wtb: 1zz pfc w/ commander ??

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Does anyone have a 1zz PFC w/ commander available? If possible datalogit?
  6. New injectors open faster than stock injectors?

    Engine Management
    Im running into a lot of non congruent information regarding the settings 5 tab for PowerFC tuning. Engine and PFC are for 2zz on the stock fuel rail fed by a walbro 255 pump. Scaling: I understand the stock yellow tops are 310cc but I don't know at what pressure. Normally people take 310/630...
  7. PFC datalogit, Stock 2zz injectors, coilpacks, RC 400cc injectors

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    selling a few parts. im a member on my user name there is i_wonder i was referred here by Mitch88 on newcelica, he might have a differ. screen name here here are the parts with prices Pfc datalogit : 280shipped RC 400cc injectors: 150shipped stock 2zz injectors: 100shipped 2zz...
  8. DashDAQ SD card logging of PFC

    Engine Management
    If you are a part of the Datalogit Yahoo group, then you probably got this email, but I thought it was worth posting about. I know there was some discussion on the DashDAQ a while ago, but with the possibility of integration with the PFC, it would be much more useful for those without OBD. The...
  9. Ultimate Power FC FAQ and Information Resource

    Engine Management
    Ultimate ZZ Power FC FAQ and Information Resource Ultimate ZZ Power FC FAQ and Information Resource In creating this, it was my hope that I would be able to provide a one-stop resource for everyone on the MR-S forums here, from the novice considering the Power FC all the way to the guy who’s...