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  1. Pre-cat check

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I removed both O2 sensors for the pre-cats on my 2002 Spyder to check if the matrix is intact. I can't see any matrix on either side. Either a previous owner cleaned them out already or.... imminent engine failure? I'm burning some oil. Any thoughts? I'm guessing and hoping that a previous...
  2. Where to get pre-cats checked and/or removed?

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Any advice on where to bring our Spyder to check if the pre-cats have been removed - and then have it done if they're still in there? We just got the Spyder two weeks ago at a good price and in such cherry condition that I decided even if the pre-cats were in there I could ride the engine out...
  3. Pre-Cat failure... Now im freaked - help me prevent this please

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Just bought a 2000 Mr2 Base with 29k original miles... keep coming across the pre-cat issue on message boards ... what is it, does it kill th whole engine, can i prevent it ... etc. please help! Thanks In Advance
  4. is my spyder rare?

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    i have a 2002 mr2 spyder. it has a brown top and brown leather interior with black exterior. i have never seen another mr2 with the same color combo, mostly the the leather. also, i have 73,000 mi on it and i just learned about pre cats. plz give me some links to nice cheep headers because all...
  5. FS: 2003 Pre-Cat intact Manifold + Cat-back Exhaust (works excellent) (SoCal)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    UPDATE: All items sold. thanks! 2003 Pre-Cat intact Manifold: NOW $40 local pick up 2003 Cat-back Stock Exhaust:NOW$40 local pick up PM for larger pictures. Or email [email protected] Located in San Fernando Valley, can also be delivered to Santa Barbara or Ventura. Pics here:
  6. PreCat Removal Parts List

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    RE: PreCat Removal Just got parts this week (8/26/2010) from the Toyota dealer. Part numbers have changed from the SpyderChat posted parts manual. For a 2001 MR2 Spyder: Exhaust donuts (need two): Part #90080-43036 $13.58 each Exhaust manifold gasket Part #17173-0D020 $24.18 each :cool: