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  1. CHE Top Speed Lotus Style Resonated Exhaust

    Vendor Deals
    Hello SpyderChat, We have more of our CHE Top Speed Lotus Style Resonated Exhaust ready to ship!! T304 Stainless Steel TIG Welded Mandrel Bent 2.25" Piping Dual Angle Cut 2.75" Tips This exhaust offers a very aggressive sound with maximum exhaust flow. It retails for $329.99 + Shipping...
  2. New custom exhaust on the way.

    Performance Modifications
    2zz PPE 4-1 + PPE Cat + 2 Vibrant Resonators, Installed So, I was getting tired of the sound of the Magnaflow that came with the PPE 4-1 and test pipe, as well as not liking the weight. So I ordered two Vibrant resonators 2.5" inlet/outlet from amazon...