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  1. FS: 245 Hankook RS4's mounted on TRM C3M 15x9 wheels

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Excellent autocross or HPDE setup! I'm officially listing my competition wheels and tires for sale. This listing includes four (4) TRM C3M 15x9 wheels W/+36 offset in black (minor modification to some rear coilovers required, please see my build thread as there is minor grinding; no...
  2. Would These Rims Fit?

    Appearance Modifications
    Does anyone have any experience with these rims or something similar? Link: In case the link cannot be seen the brand and model are AVID1 AV8 and the part number is AV0815654C35BZ. I'm considering...
  3. WTB: 15" Black Rims

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello, Looking for used or new Black rims for stock tires. let me know what you have ? Thanks
  4. WTB: oem 16" mr2 rear wheels... or any 16's for cheap!

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hey looking for 03+ rear wheels to complete my square set up. Let me know if you have any! Prefer local pickup in Orange County/LA area, maybe even riverside for a good deal! Tires included is fine, no tires is fine, would prefer STOCK coating, not powder coated or painted but I can work with...
  5. Wanted: Original rims for 00' in so-cal!!! Will pay more if tires are incl.

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I am in LA and am chasing after some stock rims/tires. The car I bought came with chromed out original rims. Willing to trade in and pay difference. Please let me know! Thanks!
  6. WTB - OEM Wheels / Che or PPE Header

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking for OEM wheels (preferably local - LA area). Also either Che or PPE header (don't have to be local). PM me if you got one laying around that I can take off your hands.
  7. 2ZZ-GE ECU, MWR Plug N Play Adapter, 2ZZ PPE header, HKS exhaust, 1ZZ ECU + more

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    1ZZ Che header, 2ZZ PPE header, HKS exhaust, 1ZZ ECU, and much more I have a bunch of parts for sale. I'll respond to PMs immediately - I can hold items for 24 hours after receiving a PM/email. If no payment is received, the item goes to the next person in line. All prices do not include...
  8. FS: Stock Rims and Tires -- local pickup Columbus Ohio...

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello, I'm getting ready to sell some stock rims and tires off my 2000 MR2. The tires have some wear and the rims have some pitting and need to be "reconditioned". I chose to buy some new rims and tires and kept them to fix up myself. However, this really cool car that I just bought in August...
  9. '01 Stock Alloy Wheels For Sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have stock wheels from my '01 for sale. Wheels are in very good shape (no curb rashes or scratches). It currently has 205/50-rear and 195/50-front Fuzion ZRis. Front is around 50% but rears will need to be replaced (locking lug nuts are included). Willing to let go for $275/best offer +...
  10. New Mods (:

    Appearance Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm still a bit new around here. I purchased an mr2 not too long ago with about 90k miles on it and it's completely stock. Well I'm currently in school so I'm also on a budget. Just looking at my car will do me no good, so I've been doing some minor things to her. First off, I went...
  11. FS or FT: Volk GT-U, Gold with Polished lip, 17x7 and 17x8 +38 offset

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
  12. Hit & Run - Aftermarket/OEM Partout

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    everything is sold!
  13. 2003+ snow tires blizzaks lm-22 low mileage-must sell

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking to sell my snow tires as I have NO space for them. They were used for one season..less than 8k miles on them. Tread is 100% even wear and alignment is laser straight so these tires will have no problems once mounted. $335 shipped As of right now they are still mounted to stock...
  14. GI: New KONIG wheels!!!

    Vendor Deals
    New KONIG wheels for 2010. Click:,6,29 PM me for price. Indicate Model, Color, Size, Bolt pattern, Offset and your Zip code. Here are some pics: Milligram: Lightning: Candy: Lightspeed: Foil: Forward:
  15. Rims: Live Vicariously Through My Rims

    Appearance Modifications
    I have a trashed stock wheel, so I am going to get rims for my spyder. I'd love to hear what you all think about what would look good on a red MR2. Maybe you had a second choice or something for your spyder that you secretly wished for...also, do I want to stay with 15s, or go bigger?
  16. FS 4 factory 5 star wheels with brand new snow tires 300

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello all....i have a set of factory 2000 models wheels with a set of brand new snow looking to sell all for 300 plus shipping.....or u can come get them....i will also deliver as long as its not too far my email is [email protected] please email me.....i usually dont check my PMs...