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  1. Central
    Canine Friends Rally Proceeds to benefit North Dallas Dog Rescue This will be a basic sign hunt rally, with a canine theme. As usual, this rally will be run at legal speeds, in your own car, and will have no course following traps. Just bring yourself, a partner to drive or navigate, a full...
  2. Central
    The Rally to the Race A day of driving on fun country and suburban roads, in quest of a trophy A challenging drive from Plano to Texas Motor Speedway, following an exact route, figuring out a few puzzles, and finding a few signs along the way: can you win? It's an SCCA RoadRally! The SCCA...
  3. Autocross, Racing, and Motorsports
    Spyderchat member VAGperformance asked: >Would you mind making a post in the motosport section outlining what these types of events are? Are there class systems, membership requirements, etc. SCCA RoadRallies are run all across the country, and come in three flavors: 1) TSD Tour rallies...
1-3 of 3 Results