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  1. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I want to get rid of these interior pieces that were removed from the roll bar install. They are in good condition from a 2003 with 110k miles. I do not want to throw these pieces away. I am willing to ship. Make an offer.
    $250 USD
  2. Appearance Modifications
    Along with the other posts I've created since I can't list stuff in marketplace... here is the custom Porsche Boxster roll bar install and center console (Rexypow) that Steve G PW had done to the car. Great looking stuff and done well! The center console could obviously be refinished to your...
  3. Appearance Modifications
    I was looking into putting a boxster roll bar on the mr2 How hard was it? And can you still use the compartments behind the seat? Would love to see how you installed it. Thanks!
  4. Cars for Sale
    Selling my hard dog roll bar since I'm switching to a full cage next season. Roll bar is in good shape with no notable scratches/marks aside from a few on the mounting plates. Single diagonal so it doesn't impede driver's seat movement at all. Includes all backing plates as well as a brand new...
    $700 USD
  5. Performance Modifications
    First time poster so if I’m doing something wrong pls lmk. I’ve been looking for roll bars since I’d just like the extra feeling of security but want something decent that actually works. Came across this TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER AGI 4 PT BOLT IN ROLL BAR — AGI Precision I can’t find any reviews or...
  6. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I'm looking to buy a Hard Dog double diagonal roll bar located in California or close to California. I'm located in socal (92626). If anyone is thinking of selling theirs, please let me know location and price. Thanks!
  7. Performance Modifications
    I was wondering if anyone has found or currently has more pictures of this roll cage or a link to the site that created it. I can see the decals on the vehicle but all I have found is this one picture. I’d really appreciate it if y’all could post some more picture of this roll cage and others...
  8. Performance Modifications
    This is my very first post on any forum ever so don't hate me if I messed up where to put it or something (I'm doing my best).... I just want to open a dialogue on the daily driving safety (no helmet) with the hard dog roll bar. I have seen on these forums and also miata forums (wife is a miata...
  9. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Hi, I'm looking to take my car to the track in this coming year (hopefully) so I'm trying to find a rollbar or Roll cage; No style bars. Ideally it can with the soft top, has a harness bar, and at least one diagonal or more would be ideal. Doesn't have to be bolt in. I know it's a hard to find...
  10. MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    looking for a roll cage or bar that will work with the soft top down or up and work with a hardtop. If you know anyone, let me know!!
  11. Performance Modifications
    Hello all, I recently bought a hard dog (single diagonal) roll bar for my spyder, and I am currently deciding how to install it. My friend said he'll help me put it in, and he's confident we can do it (I'm relying on him...CV joints, oil, and brakes are the extent of my mechanics experience)...
  12. MR2 Spyder Owner Photos
    Lets get all the Hard Dog owners in here. :cool: Let the community know your pain and suffering during those agonizing hours! Took my buddies and me 15 hours. The worst part for me was dropping the gas tank, mainly because of those darn A/C lines. Who else bent the panels back and unloaded...
  13. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, I’m helping the guys at Hard Dog Fabrication gather some photos to use in their new upcoming ad in Grassroots Motorsports. We would love to have various types of photos to use in the ad featuring your car + Hard Dog rollbar. They could be action photos, cruising, at a show...
1-14 of 14 Results