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seatbelt steering airbag

  1. FS: Spyder parts

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Seat belt set, $60 shipped. Steering wheel, $60 shipped. SOLD Airbag set with module, $280 shipped. Clock spring, $30 shipped. Gauge cluster manual transmission (around 78k ???), $80 shipped. SOLD Ignition no key, $25 shipped. Intake airbox and tubing, $50 shipped. SOLD Header...
  2. Passenger Airbag, Steering Wheel Trim, Clockspring, Seatbelts

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    As the stripping continues, these are for sale. I will also have a steering wheel with airbag once I receive my new wheel. These are from a 2000 Spyder in exc condition. Seatbelts $25 shipped each or $35 shipped both. Passenger airbag $180 shipped, includes key switch and glove box...