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  1. Opinions on Short Shifters and any suggestions?

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    I've been thinking of things to do to my spyder when I do an overhaul of it and replace the center console as well as the stereo and possibly even seats. I realized it would also probably be the best opportunity to look into the possibility of adding a short shifter. I was wondering if some...
  2. Short Shifter = Increased Effort?

    Performance Modifications
    I've been wanting to install a short shifter for a while now, specifically the MWR one. I'm wondering however, will it be more difficult to shift on a daily driver car? I go to and from school and other places occasionally. I saw it comes with the bushings so it seems like that would definitely...
  3. Ebay Short Shifter

    Performance Modifications
    I just purchased a new generic short shifter from ebay. I paid $39.99 shipped which I know is a bit high for a “no name” brand shifter, but it was the only one at the time that advertised that it was made out of steel, which was a characteristic that was important to me. Most generic type...