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smt clutch

  1. Serious assistance needed w/ '02 spyder ive found at dealer

    Dealers and Pricing
    I happened to come across this at dealership w/ under 57k mileage. I loved the feel during the test drive and it's in pretty damn good shape. 1) Since I've gotten interested in it, I've come across a trend on most forums and reviews about SMT being the biggest headache for the vehicle. If it...
  2. SMT problem, can not shift into any gear, stuck in neutral.

    Hi everyone, Recently bought a 2001 SMT MR2 with 59k on it with a FSH, all previous MOT's and receipts for work done, after enjoying a lovely 100 miles trouble free (even managed 50 fantastic miles with the roof down in some rare sunny weather) I was stopped at a traffic light when the car...
  3. Harsh shaking in 1st gear

    I have a stage 2 clutch and aluminum flywheel which have been great this last few years.... until a few days ago. I started getting this harsh shaking of the whole car when rolling on 1st, more so during deceleration. I did the relearn a few times but everytime i downshift to 2nd, during the...