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smt trouble

  1. Techstream Relearn won't complete

    My first post. I have been enjoying reading thousands of spyderchat posts. Background - 2001 SMT (bcos I'm in Oz) bought about 20 months ago, no history. 5spd 165000km. Intermittent SMT red wheel and different problems with gear changes - most frequent problem has been shifting up to 3rd gear...
  2. SMT control modulator install

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    I have a 2002 with a bad modulator in it. When I pulled the modulator loose last march I realized I created a lot of problems for my self as toyota wants 4500 to replace it, I could have bought a lot of fluid for 4500 but now the car has been sitting for 8 months and is not driveable today I...
  3. SMT problem, can not shift into any gear, stuck in neutral.

    Hi everyone, Recently bought a 2001 SMT MR2 with 59k on it with a FSH, all previous MOT's and receipts for work done, after enjoying a lovely 100 miles trouble free (even managed 50 fantastic miles with the roof down in some rare sunny weather) I was stopped at a traffic light when the car...
  4. No gears reading

    Hi All, I'm an mr2 owner from Miami, FL and I own a 2004 mr2. Unfortunately, it's been parked for over a year because of an smt issue. Initially when the car broke down I took it to the dealer and they told me that the Alternator was the problem. Since I have a hard time trusting dealers my...
  5. APS Problems

    Does anyone know where I can get a new APS. I occasionally have no throttle. I have been looking on the internet and no luck. Also does anyone know what is involved in changing one out….will I be able to get to it? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  6. SMT with new clutch... need help

    Hello, I just got my MR2 spyder (SMT) back together with a new clutch installed and now the car will not go into gear, when i try shifting it into "S" the car beeps at me and the "N" light flashes, and thats it. Has anyone had this happen? do i need to do the relearn procedure? bleed clutch...
  7. What are your SMT quirks?

    Thus far I have four: On rare occasion, I have hesitation shifting from first to second - it has happened maybe 4 times in 2-1/2 years, and it goes away on its own. I haven't identified a cause yet, but it wouldn't shock me if it were DBW throttle-related. EDIT -- Sure is throttle...