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  1. 2002 SMT-5 Thinks it's in neutral?

    Just bought an '02 MR2 Spider (today) that runs and shifts very smooth. The transmission light comes on and goes off randomly. So, as I am driving it home, I go through a series of traffic lights with no issues. Then about the 4th red light, when the light turns green, I step on the gas and...
  2. Help!? P0860, P1646, and P0915 on '03 6spd SMT?

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I have a Nov of 2003 6spd SMT and cannot figure out where to go from here? ORIGINAL PROBLEM: My 2003 6sp SMT would not shift into Neutral with the in-cabin shifter so I could start it. I waited for about 20 minutes and then tried again and she shifted into Neutral for me and started right up...
  3. The 02' SMT has an Error code P1128, do I have to replace the whole assembly?

    Hello SMT owner: It seems like the new version of SpyderChat prohibit editing the main thread of each posts, and I am not sure why they move my original posting into "off-topic". It was a regular day and I can not start the vehicle. The battery and starter works fine, fuel pump is OK. The OBD...
  4. The MR2 Spyder (SMT) start but dies immediately, code: P1128

    Off Topic
    Hello: Today when I started my 02 MR2 Spyder (SMT), it can not start. Sometimes the engine would run but die immediately in 1-2 sec. I checked the battery and use external power source, the power still exist. I use a generic code reader and find one code: P1128: Throttle Control Moter Lock...
  5. Gears cycle at startup - SMT relearn failure

    SMT relearn problem, gears cycle but fail to set on startup. This is after a 1zz-fe engine swap to another 1zz-fe. Here is a challenging problem for all the gurus So I am having some SMT issues. I have searched through this site, and many more but cannot find a solution. So I thought I'd put...
  6. SMT Hydraulic Line alternatives?

    The original lines are a PITA to remove, and the white plastic rings are likely degrading on everyone's cars. As the stock lines are not a common part (no manufactures are still making them), we will all need to find an alternative eventually or spend an obscene amount of money on stock parts...
  7. SMT alternate fluids like Cat Hydo 10?

    Has anyone tried industrial or heavy vehicle hydraulic fluid alternatives to Toyota SMT or Dot4 break fluid? Since the SMT is a hydraulic system and many heavy machines use hydraulic fluid, then there must be a machine equivalent to Toyota's SMT fluid. Caterpillars use Advanced Hydo 10 which...
  8. FS: 2003 with many mods - $9999 USD - Please read full description

    Cars for Sale
    Car is in very good to excellent condition, with 120k miles on it. Modifications: Engine: PPE Cold Air Intake Top Speed Headers Team Moon Stainless Steel Duals (Cat Back) Transmission (fully rebuilt <2000 miles): Quaife ATB Helical LSD Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch Findanza Light Weight...
  9. 2004 SMT Paradise Blue - Shell

    Cars for Sale
    The car will still crank, but I don't think it should be driven. The engine was replaced about a year ago and is going again. Somehow it is running low on oil and causing engine damage. I don't know why, since the pre-cat was supposedly gutted. I just had some SMT work done and the car was...
  10. Rainstorm the end of the car?

    Hi. This is a sad saga about an SMT transmission on my son's 2001 Spyder. All Spyder's delivered in Australia were SMT's. In a recent very heavy rainstorm the TCU (transmission computer conveniently located in a well behind the passengers seat) became submerged due to a roof leak. The ECU, which...
  11. SMT Training manual

    Came across this while doing some searching today. Not sure of the original source. Good information.
  12. SMT Related Parts for Sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    These are the only parts I have left to sell. Take 20% off the listed prices. Will sell all for $525. or make an offer. Motivated to sell. Parts are in good working order. 2003 MR2 Spyder (SMT 6-spd) parts for sale: 1- Shift and select lever shaft assembly, $175. 2- SMT shifter (no shift...
  13. Need Part number for Transmission Gear

    The mechanic working on my transmission found a chipped gear in it. It is called the 5th Driven Gear. Would anybody know the Toyota part number for it? See pic...
  14. FS: Complete SMT to manual conversion kit

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Sold sold sold
  15. SOCAL: 6sp SMT parts and random 5sp parts, complete shifter shaft, 5sp wire harness

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello! Just finished my manual conversion so naturally all my SMT things are up for sale. Also have some extra 5speed conversion parts I didn't need. Shipping not included. On two different occasions the car wouldn't start because it was stuck in reverse, that's why I went manual. SMT Shifter...
  16. 03 SMT 6 sp conversion. What all do I need!

    Mu 03 is staring to give me trouble. Its been a few sensors so far and they have been expensive in thier own right trying to diagnose the problems like falling into nuetral when you downshift. Not going into nuetral and not know its in neutral. the latest was the APS sensor. At some point I...
  17. Hard starting case #2.0/ SMT light intermittent

    My last posting was car really hard starting intermittently. I thoughy I had it licked with the brake switch being dirty, it started well for a day otr 2. Then back to hard starting. sometime it starts right away, other time 10-15 miunuts to start it. Same story as previous post. Shift selector...
  18. Noisy GSA

    Replaced the APS today as I have started getting the loss of throttle issue. When I went to start the car, though, I heard some creaking when I turned the key to "On". I had never heard this before, and it was definitely different than the HPU running. I had never heard this before, but I'm...
  19. GSA hose wear after clutch replace

    Have 2003 MR2 with SMT. At about 201K miles, clutch started slipping occasionally. I figured clutch is worn out, since I inspected it at 123K miles and found it to be 2/3 worn. Took to MrT, asked for clutch replacement. They confirm clutch is worn out and replace it. Now they say after test...
  20. Car (SMT) shifts into any gear, clutch won't engage/disengage and no error code

    Hi, Firstly it seems my symptoms are unique and I've searched all over the forums finding nothing close to my issue. Story Driving home I come to a corner and downshift into second to take it. There is a loud crunch of gears (doesn't sound catastrophic, sounds like a learner driver majorly...