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  1. Fixing clipping at high volume without a dedicated amp

    Audio and Electronics
    Howdy Folks, Background: Bought a used Toyota MR2-Spyder about a month ago. Had an awful aftermarket Walmart Dual HU installed. However, had a solid pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch P165-SI's in the vehicle. I went ahead and upgraded the head unit to the Pioneer DEH-S4220BT. Issue: The car audio...
  2. Exhaust Mods To Make Car Sound Better

    Performance Modifications
    Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Spyder. Im in the middle of getting my HPU off. I was just wondering if anyone knows any easy and cheap ways to make my car sound good. I'm not able to spend lots of money right now. Thanks, V
  3. 2ZZ engine noise at 7.500 RPM

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I need help identifying where this noise comes from, which starts exactly at 7,500RPM. I don't have an exhaust system (straight exhaust pipe). The noise appears even accelerating in neutral.
  4. Sound Deadening

    Appearance Modifications
    I'm thinking about putting in some sound deadening mats to reduce the considerable road noise, but when I look around for the different options, there are many, many more than I expected. Has anyone had experience with various types/brands that they would recommend (or avoid)?
  5. HELP! Upgrading My Speakers

    Audio and Electronics
    I have finally decided to upgrade my 2000 MR2's main speakers (not the tweeters). I have been doing research and I'm a little confused as to what to look for and what it all means (sensitivity, frequency response, power range, peak power handling, etc). I would really appreciate suggestions on...
  6. Is my muffler OEM?

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, I am checking into aftermarket exhaust for my 02 spyder. While taking measurments on the current muffler I noticed it says flowmaster on it...Is this aftermarket or OEM? Thanks.
  7. Engine Compartment Screech Upon Shutdown

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere...didn't see anything. I'm new to the forum, so I'd appreciate your patience. I have a 2003, MT, 61k miles. No performance mods, precats not yet removed but appear to be intact from the O2 sensor vantage point. I noticed that for the past several months...