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  1. Polarity of door speaker wires

    Audio and Electronics
    I have taken apart my door and have modified the door speaker ring. I bought some Rockford Fosgate speakers (anyone heard of those?). I am about ready to solder the wires but don't know the polarity of the wires in the door. They are Pink and Blue. Which one is negative and which is positive?
  2. New car questions

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Sorry if these are posted elsewhere, I have used the search function to no avail! I've recently bought my spyder, and have yet to buy a haynes manual for the car so apologies if these questions seem simple. First off, the right braking light does not illuminate under braking. The other two...
  3. HELP! Upgrading My Speakers

    Audio and Electronics
    I have finally decided to upgrade my 2000 MR2's main speakers (not the tweeters). I have been doing research and I'm a little confused as to what to look for and what it all means (sensitivity, frequency response, power range, peak power handling, etc). I would really appreciate suggestions on...
  4. Worthwhile speaker upgrade?

    Audio and Electronics
    I was thinking of upgrading the speakers (just the 6.5"s) in the door of my spyder with some Polk Audio db651s to replace what I think are some old sony xlpods, I havent taken off the door panel yet. Which leads me to the question is it hard to take of and re-assemble the door panels once all...
  5. FS: Car Audio Parts (Infinity, AudioControl, JL...)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I removed my audio system prior to selling my '04 Titan. I've moved on to other projects, and would like to clear my garage of all these old items. I say old, but these parts are in outstanding shape. I didn't have them installed for long and too exceptional care of everything when installing...
  6. Custom Fiberglass Sub Enclosure...

    Audio and Electronics
    Here are some pics of the custom sub enclosures I'm in the process of building. They'll house a pair of JL Audio 10s and an HD600/4 amp. It's not finished yet as I still have to make the trim panel to cover the sub enclosures... Let me know what you think so far.. System consists of: Head unit...