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  1. Appearance Modifications
    Anyone have nice pictures of a td3000 style wing. Would love to see some side pictures and pictures from behind. Just debating what wing to get and I like that this one is lower than a lot of them. I’m not into the huge high and wide wings.
  2. Appearance Modifications
    I want your guys opinion… do you think this wing would clear the vents on the rear. I haven’t decided. It looks kind of narrow. It’s for a maita but I like the looks. Or if you know of any wing like this for the mr2. I like the low wings like that. Thanks!
  3. Autocross, Racing, and Motorsports
    I've had a few people ask about my wing setup when they've seen the car, so I thought I'd post something up here in case anyone is interested. I first made these by hand to mount my 9 lives wing, and later re-designed in cad. They attach to existing bolt holes in the rear upright sections...
  4. Appearance Modifications
    Hey everyone, I purchased MR2ben's ducktail spoiler and I'm wondering if someone here has experience with installing it on the car. I don't have any experience with bodywork. Do I need to drill holes into my bumper or can it be glued on or anything like that? Product in question...
  5. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I made up this front air spoiler for my car. What is shown in the plug that I painted to see if I like it. I am ready to mold it out and my buddies said I should offer to make extras for anyone who might like it also. So, is there anyone but me who likes it? PM me.
  6. Appearance Modifications
    Hello I've been thinking of adding a small spoiler to my mr2, something like the one from Mr2 Ben ( Rear Spoiler Toyota MR-S MR2 MK3 1999-2007 ) or like the trd one ( ). But im worried it might impact the...
  7. Appearance Modifications
    I am attempting to purchase the TTE Ducktail wing PZ402-W0450-AB. Does anyone have a picture example of the part number PZ439W045000 ? This is the only one I can find for sale through companies stating it is an OEM Toyota mr2 spoiler, but I haven't a clue as to what it looks like and am...
  8. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Has anyone seen a spoiler like the attached or has one? I think I like it or at least I like the pictures of it. If I could see one better or find a dealer, I would like to look seriously into buying one .
  9. Appearance Modifications
    Looking for the TTE Banana Spoiler and am having zero luck... Checked UK EBay, Toyota parts stores, etc. and coming up empty.... Don't care at this point what color.....Willing to paint!! Anyone selling or have any search tips or know where to get this thing?
  10. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I am considering letting go a couple of rare parts IF I could recoup what I paid for them. All prices do not include shipping and are net to me of any fees. 1. BRAND NEW, never installed mud guards/flaps in Spectra Mica Blue (8M6). I purchase the last set from AKA RAFA when he was still with...
  11. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    FS: Luxury Parts (LPX) Rear Spoiler - Brand New Carbon Fiber Wrapped I have a brand new, never installed Luxury Parts rear spoiler wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. I had the spoiler professionally wrapped at Vinyl Styles and came out perfectly. Here is the link to the pictures...
  12. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    For Sale, Toyota Genuine Spoiler(comes out of the right foot), its silver(not sure the paint code), would be great if you have a silver Spyder or if you are good at re-spraying. Asking $350 obo+shipping, comes with associated wires although looks like it was spliced. Pictures found below...
  13. Appearance Modifications
    I'm going to purchase one of these for my blue 2000 spyder. I'm wondering if anyone has experience or tips they'd like to share with me and anyone else who might be considering the buy. Here's the the spoiler in question: JKS Factory Style Spoiler Without Light Pics of the spoiler installed on...
  14. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    GI: for my 02 front oem bumper w/ real TRD stg 1 front lip and black JDM badge. Color is 202 black, good condition. $300 p/u in Los angeles area prefered. Pics to come shortly.
  15. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I got Fiber Rear diffuser for Spyder comes in Dry black with hardware included. Please see items shown by pictures below... Price will be $140.00 shipped... interested? please let me know. Thanks
  16. Appearance Modifications
    Finally decided that I'll never have another reasonable opportunity to purchase a DAMD spoiler so I opted for the type W spoiler from Extreme Dimensions. I got it on Ebay shipped for $225, not a bad deal. Then got it painted and installed at the body shop for $150 which is a pretty good deal...
1-17 of 17 Results