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strut bar

  1. WTB: TRD Front Strut Bar

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking for a LHD TRD Front Strut Bar (PTR04-17000-S1). If anyone has one available, please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  2. FS: TRD Strut Bar

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    TRD Strut Bar for sale. Excellent condition. Location: East Hartford, CT, USA PRICE: $190 - picked up. It is a big item to ship. If you have any ideas let me know.
  3. Looking for advice with strut bars on 2001

    Suspension and Handling
    G'day guys, Down here in 'Straya any parts for my 2001 SMT are pretty scarce, so I am pretty limited for choices for tightening up the chassis to cope with the goat tracks we call 'highways'. I am also looking at taking the old girl hillclimbing, so I would appreciate any advice on the best of...
  4. FS: Autocross Setup incl rims, tires, coilovers, strut bars and sway bars

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I am selling my Autocross setup from my 2002 MR2 Spyder. All items are in great condition having been installed for approx. 1000miles and about 6 autocross events. Should work on any ZZW30 model years 2000-2005. I would be willing to ship at buyer’s expense, or local pickup is OK too...
  5. FS: Complete 2zz swap and other parts (SoCal)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Mr2 got into a nasty wreck so no selling parts salvaged from car. I have a complete 2zz swap for sale, comes with everything you need for a swap. Converted 6speed, side mount, swap headers, ecu, and harness. The motor and tranny is originally from a corolla xrs. It doesnt burn oil and no leaks...