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  1. KYB Strut Questions

    Suspension and Handling
    KYB Strut Questions Good Morning: I am a new Spyder owner rehabbing a high mileage 2001. I recently took off the worn out KYB struts from my Spyder. During that process I was careful to note which parts went where so that I could reassemble the with new strut components quickly and easily...
  2. Parts for Sale! (suspension, headers, plastics, etc)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have the following parts for sale. I prefer local pick up here in San Diego, but I will ship. Please PM me your zip code and which part you are interested in for shipping costs. I can install any part locally. I accept cash and PayPal. my PayPal email is [email protected] If you use...
  3. FYI: Cheap new KYB Struts on Amazon (one corner was $37.98 incl shipping)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I just paid $188 total to get all for corners of KYB Struts on Amazon Example: 1 "KYB 334310 GR-2 Strut" Automotive; $37.98 1 "KYB 333320 GR-2 Strut" Automotive; $54.85
  4. Tanabe Front Strut Tower Bar

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hey everyone, I've got my Tanabe front strut tower bar listed on E bay right now if anyone is interested. It's only been on my Spyder for a couple of months and I'm putting the frunk lid and all of the plastic back. I don't want to cut into the plastic for the "mod". I'm trying to keep all...