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  1. Mschol17 2ar-fe swap

    MR2 Spyder Owner Photos
    Hi all, I will be documenting my 2ar-fe swap here- starting with a stock 2003 with 77k miles. Since this is MI, I will be storing the car in the winter so this should happen rapidly. I am an engineer whose most complicated car related repair was replacing a 4age engine in my previous MR2. I...
  2. 03 6-Speed Spyder $4999 In South Carolina

    Cars for Sale
    2003 Spyder 6-speed swap from JDM celica GT-S MonkeyWrench Reverse blockout and selector shaft for swap 142k miles Salvage title from minor accident at 50k miles No power steering Top is torn but repaired and dry Go back in my post history for info on my ownership, the trans swap, and the power...
  3. FS: 2ZZ Swap Wiring Harness BNOB

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello, I have a new MWR 2zz wiring harness for sale. Makes swap a breeze. 300. Location: Toronto. Can ship out.
  4. (FS) MWR 2zz Shifter Shaft

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a shifter shaft for the 2zz swap with the celica/04+ Corolla or Matrix transmission, $120 plus shipping within the US. Hardware was installed, I realized i had the wrong shaft, hardware came off and now it is for sale.:icon_lol:
  5. 2zz/c60 swap can't grab a gear higher than second

    Performance Modifications
    Hello all, This is my first post here on spyderchat, and if this was already discussed let me know, but I cannot seem to find anything about it. I have gotten to the point in my 2zz swap where I installed the new shifter shaft and all other goodies into the c60 transmission. The problem is...
  6. Wanted: Car with clean engine swap in good condition

    Cars for Sale
    Looking for a an engine-swapped (K24?, 6 cyl Toyota, or supercharged). Prefer a 6 speed manual, maybe 5 speed (but no SMT). Will mostly be used for street driving and some auto-crossing. Not looking for a race car unless it's well-behaved on the street. Preference is for MR2 Spyder (03 or newer)...
  7. Wtb k series swap parts.

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking for k series swap parts. I have the motor just need parts for the swap. Looking for axles, ecu, harness, jumper harness, headers/ exhaust, etc
  8. FS: PPE Cold Air Intake – MR2 2ZZ Swap

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    PPE Cold Air Intake MR2 2ZZ Swap for sale. Used for less than 2,000 miles. Fits OEM MAF and works with 2ZZ OEM ECU without alterations (or aftermarket ECU as well). PM if interested Price: $190 shipped within USA SOLD!
  9. 2zz swap guide **2018**

    Performance Modifications
    @Project_Zaydah 2zz Swapped Mr2 Spyder Hello my spyderchat friends, My name is Edwin and I am 17 Years old. This is my very first swap and its is a learning experience for me. With that said I created this Thread for future people who decide to do a 2zz swap. I have been taking several pictures...
  10. 2ZZ Swap: consequences of not doing the wiring?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Is there any bad consequence or damage to the engine when driving my 2ZZ Spyder without having modified the wiring? Thanks.
  11. Swap 2004 2ZZ AT with MT Transmission... Need an MT throttle body??

    Engine Management
    Hi. I have the following swap: - Car: 2000 MT Mr2 Spyder. - Engine: 2ZZ 2004 AT (with yellow injectors). - ECU: 2ZZ MT (Unknow year, part number: 89666-20060) - Transmission: 5-Speed MT (1ZZ). - Wiring Harness: 1ZZ with cables mods (vvl, etc). But I have problems when accelerating. Should I...
  12. Mistake: 2ZZ Engine with 1ZZ Ecu (possible damages?)

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    My mechanic finished installing the 2zz swap on my Mr2 Spyder (with the wires modifications), but he made a mistake: he installed the 1ZZ ECU instead of the 2ZZ ECU =( . After the installation, I drove about 30 minutes. Could it have caused any damage to the engine? PD: Sorry for my bad...
  13. k series swap guidance

    Performance Modifications
    (I thought I posted this thread before but apparently it did not post, if this ends up being a duplicate ill delete it) Hello everyone, a couple months ago me and my girlfriend were able to sell my Toyota truck and buy her dream car (a 1990 Subaru sambar truck) at a good price, my only...
  14. 2zz Throttle Position Sensor

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Anyone have a 2zz TPS laying around. I know they come attached to TB's but figured I'd ask if anyone had one. Also anyone with a link to a new one. Thanks!
  15. FS - 2001 MR2 - 2zz/C60 - Orlando FL

    Cars for Sale
    Sold - 2001 MR2 for sale. I purchased this car back in 2012 with 52,000 miles, it has been my daily driver ever since, driven primarily on the highway. I have had a great time with this car, it's fun to drive and nice to look at. I'm selling as my wife and I just had our first child so its...
  16. FS: 2000 2zz Swapped MRS #71

    Cars for Sale
    Hello everyone, Im posting my MRS for Sale, $6000.00... Or Best Offer, will consider selling the 19ft lightweight trailer and 10ft Aluminum Ramps as well for those interested in the whole package, for $7500.00. About the MRS, Its pretty modded, doesn't have much mileage, 65k roughly on the...
  17. Swap in Automatic trans? (yes, there's a reason)

    Performance Modifications
    My father has had his 2000 Spyder since new. 155k miles on it now, drives it nearly every day. Still has the original clutch. But he is getting up there in years (77) and is starting to have difficulties with shifting due to shoulder pain. He asked if I would look into the possibility of...
  18. Who can do a 5th gear swap???

    Performance Modifications
    I wanted to see if anyone knew of a place who could do a 5th gear swap in Northern California, more specifically in the Bay Area. I'm going to have the clutch replaced soon and though it would be a good time to attempt a 5th gear swap in the process. Any information from local Spyder owners who...
  19. Looking to pay for a 2zz/6speed swap, Baltimore MD area. Options?

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    **Braces for encouragement towards doing swap himself.** I spun bearings in my mostly stock 2001 5 speed manual over the weekend. Options: 1. Sell as-is. 2. OEM replacement with cluch/flywheel @ my usual shop, 100k mile engine warranty, 20k mile labor warranty, $6200. 3. 2zz/6speed LSD swap @...
  20. Stubborn shifter after 2ZZ/6-speed swap

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    When I swapped my engine for a 2ZZ, I seized the opportunity to also upgrade my transmission to a 6-speed C60 with a TRD helical LSD. While the car is driveable and all gears are useable, I have some difficulties shifting that I need to go away. The symptoms are this: 1st gear: hard to get...