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  1. GB: Team Moon Exhaust

    Member Market Place
    Well since the price of a new TM Alum Dual via a GB is not that much higher than a used one through SC, I figured I'd see who else would be interested on picking up one of these. Unfortunately, I missed out on the most recent GB (and wasn't on here much to know of the ones in the past) but since...
  2. Returning car to stock, parts for sale,sway bars,endlinks,gauge pod, exhaust

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    hey everyone. Im returning my 2001 MR2 spyder back to stock, so I;m selling everything i've installed on it. Below are a list of the parts and prices. PM me if interested. Im located in baltimore maryland. thanks Team Moon Aluminized dual exhaust. In good shape, no leaks or holes or rust, I...
  3. FS: TM or Team Moon Single Aluminized Exhaust

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD Been on my car for about a week(60miles). Nothing wrong with it just my personal opinion that it is too loud for my daily driving. I'm asking for $190+Shipping. (If you live in the you can pick up) If you want it brand new then go...
  4. FS: CHE Strut Tower Bars, Team Moon Dual Exhaust, AEM Cold air Intake, 8000k HID kit

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hey everyone. I reverted my car back to stock since I am selling my car and am selling all my upgrades, So heres a list of the items and prices. If interested please PM me and let me know your city/state/zipcode. All of the items are in great shape and work properly. The team moon exhaust has...