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  1. 2004 green, tan top and interior, less than 32k miles, 11k$, turbo, 214-724-9887 Dallas

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    turbo 4psi, new clutch, tire, wrapped exhaust etc. all trd add ons, smt 6 sp. all documents no damage, garaged, adult owned.
  2. Please delete

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    EDIT 7/23/20: Bring a Trailer just posted my listing ;-)
  3. 2zz with 6 speed or 5 speed with turbo?

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    Looking to build a track/autocross MR-S 2ZZ swap but can’t decide between doing a 6 speed with no turbo or a 5 speed with a turbo. If I turbo it, I would probably keep it right around 220whp. I can’t afford to do both right now, but maybe down the road. Which option would be the best and why...
  4. Turbo kit, Duraflex C1 bumper, seats, and misc parts for sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello all, Unfortunately last week my turboed spyder of only 3000 miles got rear ended while I was at a stop light. The frame on the passenger side was very slightly folded and so the car was declared totaled... (1 month after painting, putting on a new bumper, and a turbo kit) I've been into...
  5. What are best SC kit choices...

    Performance Modifications
    for supercharging a 1ZZ, considering reliability, bang for the buck, completeness, etc. Thanks
  6. Wanted: Car with clean engine swap in good condition

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    Looking for a an engine-swapped (K24?, 6 cyl Toyota, or supercharged). Prefer a 6 speed manual, maybe 5 speed (but no SMT). Will mostly be used for street driving and some auto-crossing. Not looking for a race car unless it's well-behaved on the street. Preference is for MR2 Spyder (03 or newer)...
  7. 2ZZ Wastegate

    Performance Modifications
    I have a boosted 2ZZ, stock internals. My turbo is a T3, A/R 0.60 Compressor, A/R 0.63 turbine, with internal wastegate (yes, I know that the required one is A/R 0.86. I have one, but I need to repair it and in the meantime I have to use this one). I have problems regulating the internal...
  8. Urgent question with Fueling in a 2ZZ Turbo (Fuel regulator)

    Performance Modifications
    - 2ZZ turbo at 0.5bar (8psi) max. - MWR DW 65c fuel pump (265lph). - 700cc DW Injectors. - AEM EMS-4 (Engine management) Ok. MWR told me that with these specifications, I do not need a fuel return system. But the housing of the fuel pump has a fuel regulator (I guess it is regulated to be used...
  9. Monkey Wrench Racing 2zz Turbo Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hi everyone! I picked up a Monkey Wrench Racing Turbo kit but it's for the 2zz engine and I have a 1zz. With that said I'm selling the 2zz turbo exhaust manifold and downpipe as a combo. I was told they were mounted but not used so they're in excellent condition. Would be great if you're...
  10. Garrett T28 [TB2804] on a stock 2ZZ?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. I found this turbo for sale, Garrett T28 (TB2804), which has the following housing measures: Compressor A / R .60 - Turbine A / R .86. It is very similar to the already recommended GT2860 .86, but I could not find the info of the internal measurements of the Compressor/Turbine wheel trim...
  11. A/R .86 turbo on a 2ZZ? turbo lag?

    Performance Modifications
    On my previous post, I asked about using a turbo Garrett T28 A/R .64 on my stock 2ZZ. Several people recommended me to use a turbo with A/R .86 turbine (hot side). My question is: Will turbo lag exist if I use a A/R .86 turbo with Journal bearing? Thanks.
  12. What about this T28 Turbo in a stock 2ZZ?

    Performance Modifications
    I am in the process of buying parts for turbo install in my 2ZZ stock. At this moment, I have the following pieces: - AEM EMS-4 - Deatschwerks 700cc injectors - DW 65c 265lph fuel pump - Ebay turbo Header (this) And I'm looking for a turbocharger to use with my 2ZZ stock at 8 psi maximum (I'll...
  13. 2ZZ Turbo + AEM EMS-4: Injectors 550cc or 700cc?

    Performance Modifications
    I want to buy DeatschWerks injectors, but I do not know what size to buy (550cc or 700cc). My setup is: - Toyota MR2 Spyder with stock internals 2ZZ-GE. - AEM EMS-4 - T28 turbo at 8psi max. - Stock 1ZZ Fuel rail - DW 265lph Fuel pump. I have planned to forge my engine next year.
  14. 2ZZ Turbo + C63 6Speed transmission?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Is it true that the use of 6speed transmission in a turbo 2zz is not recommended? I read that the turbo breaks it, so it is preferable to use c56 transmission. I have also read that the C60 transmission is too short for turbo, but the C63 has a different ratio. I have the opportunity to...
  15. 2ZZ Turbo. Do I need to control the ignition timing?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. I am in the project to build a 2ZZ turbo on my MR2 Spyder. At the moment I will use stock internals of my engine at low boost (12 psi approx or lower, as you can recommend me). My question: At that boost level, will I need to control the ignition timing? for example with methanol, aem...
  16. 2ZZ Injectors compatibility?

    Performance Modifications
    I'm looking for +700cc injectors for my 2ZZ Turbo. What injectors are compatible with 2ZZ-GE? Maybe it's compatible with 2JZ injectors? If it's compatible, will I need the connector? Thank you.
  17. What size of T3 Turbo can I choose for my 2zz?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Im in the process of turbo building in my stock 2zz mr2 spyder. What turbo size do you recommend? I had seen the T3 GT35 .70 M24, but my mechanic warned me that the exhaust was very large and would cause turbo lag. pd: sorry for my bad english :05.18-flustered:
  18. 1zz Turbo header in a 2zz

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. I am interested in this turbo header that I found on Ebay: "OBX Exhaust Turbo Manifold Header Fits 00 01 02 03 04 05 Toyota Celica GT 1ZZ"
  19. 2ZZ Turbo: Which transmission? C56 or C60?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Im planning to install a T3/T4 turbo in my 2ZZ. At this moment I have installed the 5-speed gearbox (C56), and I have a 6-speed transmission (C60) in my workshop. Which would be better to use it with turbo? PD: to use the C60 I must invest approximately $ 300 dollars for the shift shaft...