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valve oil seals

  1. Valvemaster toyotool and valve seal pliers

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    hey guys i am newly regestered here but have been using this forum way to hard, used the how to replace valve seals from here! and they were the one who told me buy the valvemaster tool was a must, and they were not kidding! it was amazing! only used for my one job on my mr2! comes with the...
  2. Replacing the Valve Oil Seals

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Replacing the Valve Oil Seals on Toyota 1zz head Replacing the Valve oil seals on the 1zz I took some pics of the valve oil seal replacement. I can't speak highly enough of the ValveMaster tool ( it was designed for Toyota heads & can be used while the head is on the car to replace the oil...