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I passed on this car about 6 wks ago when i was initially shopping. it was being sold by a wholesaler asking $6995 who would not budge on the price. google search currently doesn't show any results so ownership may have changed hands... if private party, please chime in if you are a member here, otherwise any potential buyers that come across this car here are my findings

As of Mar 10, 2012...

  1. soft top did not go down smoothly, the seller and i had to really wiggle and force it down to get it latched. side trim on the softtop was misaligned and didn't seal the window properly
  2. cracked rear taillight
  3. dent on rear passenger quarter (~1")
  4. front bumper misaligned on driver side with slight chipping of paint where bumper meets headlight
  5. mold and cigarette burns found on front leather seats.
  6. engine cover missing kick stand
  7. aftermarket headers
  8. aftermarket exhaust
  9. engine looks replaced (dipstick was buried in the back towards the firewall)... but could not verify by checking VIN #... engine @ 3k rpm had an internal rattle... was not able to take road test since car was buried in a warehouse behind 10 cars...
  10. normal bubbling and chipping on OEM wheels
  11. missing spare tire
  12. missing diapers
  13. clean carfax shows 2 owners (NY then NJ) with no accident records, however there shows a jump in vehicle registration to Florida and then back to NJ...

that is all i can remember for now. hope that helps anyone who comes across this car.
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