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i looked at this car ~2 wks ago... it has ~115k mi currently asking $6995.

for any potential buyers that may come across this car, here is what i found... please do your own due dilegence if you are planning to buy this vehicle... i take no responsibility for anything that i may have missed when i went to look at the car...

  1. parking brake did not hold. line may be frozen and needs replacement. while test driving the car, i could hear the pad dragging on the rotor.
  2. front driver side steering boot was leaking. suspect that it is an internal leak as the boot clamp was missing
  3. normal bubbling on OEM wheels
  4. body and overall paint was in satisfactory condition
  5. clutch engagement was tight
  6. engine did not produce any weird noises or rattles
  7. soft top could use replacement. movement wasn't smooth.
  8. all engine components look OEM (no aftermarket parts) was not able to check condition of precats
  9. missing diapers
  10. a/c blew cold
  11. cloth seats could use a good cleaning (stains were evident)
  12. clean carfax shows 3 previous owners (all NJ) with no accident records

dealership was offering a 90 day warranty with the car. when i addressed the two mechanical issues (parking brake & steering boot leak) the seller advised he would have those corrected before delivery of the vehicle.

hope that helps any potential buyers.
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