Complete setup for a Turbocharger for a 2003 MR2 Spyder. Removed from my trackday vehicle as I am doing a K24 swap in it. Setup ran fine, but wanted something simple and bulletproof to take to the track which cna handle the abuse... aka K24... This is a bolt in style setup. Has everything you need to install it over a weekend.

Will NOT part out anything from this setup. I want it sold as a complete package. Everything has been pulled and in a large bin.

1. Black Label Turbo Kit - basic kit ($2300)
2. C&R Racing professional air to water intercooler - ($800)
3. AEM Methanol Injection Kit - Tank and Pump - ($400)
4. Davies Craig EPB Water Pump for Heat Exchanger - ($250)
5. Afco Heat Exchanger (model for a Camaro SS I mounted ($650)
6. AEM EMS4 with Plug - Play Harness for MR2 Spyder ($1,000)
7. OEM ECU - dont need it for Hondata ($100)
8. All Oil / Water lines for turbo itself as well as 3/4 radiator hose running to front of vehicle for heat exchanger ($100)
9. All Intake and turbo piping as well as silicone connectors.

Price on the street for all of these items would be well over $5,500.

Asking $3,000 or best offer. Perfect for a street sleeper. Pickups HIGHLY preferred. Located in Flushing, NY 11365