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2004 MR2 for sale approximately 90k miles
This was my track car from 2006 – 2017, it hasn’t been driven much since then, just been too busy with work/family etc.
This car has been well taken care of, it gets an oil change every year with mobil 1 and only sees maybe 1000 miles between oil changes
This car is a great street/track car, I just don't have the time anymore.
8M6 Blue
K20A2 w/ 6 speed trans swap from an 04 RSX-type S
TSX 6th gear for high way driving
1-5 are close ratio and 6th gear is really tall
Insane Shaft axles
Mfactory LSD
Innovative engine mounts and shifter kit
Hondata Kpro
Custom Header and Exhaust

Whiteline sway bars front and rear
Powertrix Ultralite coilovers with swift springs and rollerbearing upgrades link below
6k springs front
8k springs rear
Corky’s midship member brace, this is the big one that includes the breastplate pic in link below
TRD front strut bar
Generic rear strut bar
Autopower bolt in rollbar this uses the hardtop mounting points so you can’t have both in at the same time

Carbotech XP8 pads
I think it has SS lines, forgot if I ever did this to this car or just my other ones.

2 sets of Wheels/3 sets of tires
15fr 16rr Stock wheels with snow tires mounted
15fr 16rr Rota Circuit 8s w/ Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R 205/50fr 225/50rr
Full set of Hankook RS2s

HID headlight upgrade
It’s got some LED lights I think just in the dome, reverse and brake lights

20% tint on the side windows
5% tint 6 inch windshield strip

Parts that I have that are not installed
Oil cooler for 1zz
Wilwood BBK for the front, I was about to put these on 2 years ago, but then got too busy with work and haven’t been to the track since.
Axis Ultimate street brake pads for stock calipers
2 sets of extra brake rotors

The bad parts about the car
The car looks great from far away, once you get within 4 feet, you can start seeing defects from age, etc.
The paint on the hood/front bumper have a lot of little chips/scratches due to just being old and no PPF
There’s some dents on the right front fender from when a bike fell on it. There’s a smaller dent/scratch on the rear fender from when I had to replace an alternator when it had a 1zz still
The Left side of the car was keyed by some drunk idiot on July 4th five years ago. This idiot just ran down the street and keyed everyone’s car on the same street in Chicago when I happened to be visiting a friend.
Left rear fender also has some wrinkling from when a wheel came off on track one time, was going slow and came to immediate stop, no underbody damage.
No A/C due to K20 swap
One of the fog lights cracked at a track day and they are both covered with blue tape
Right taillight is cracked, but I have a new OEM cover for it.
It’s also missing the plastic cover for the right rear tow hook spot

Price with the hardtop $13000
Includes the full oem zip up cover and stand for the hardtop

Price without the hardtop $11000


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Do you still have this?

Thank you.
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