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04 Toyota Mr2 Spyder - K20a / 6 Speed / Hardtop

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I am selling my paradise blue K20a powered Spyder. It looks like Im going to be trying to open a business soon and need money to start so I have some sacrifices I need to make. This car was featured in Super Street, here is a link to the article.

I bought the car with so many mods done to it, its hard to keep track of everything. Here are a list of mods that I believe to be correct:

AEM standalone EMS
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
Hytech Header
Hytech Twinloop Exhaust 2.5in
Custom 3in Intake
RBC Intake Manifold
190 LPH High Flow Fuel Pump
JDM ITR Transmission
ACT Clutch
Custom Axles

Koni yellow adjustable shocks
Eibach Pro-kit springs
Saner 1inch 3 Way Adjustable Front Sway Bar
Saner Front Endlinks
TTE 3 Way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
Two's-R-us Rear Endlinks
Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings
Corky Skid Plate
Che Adjustable Control Arms
Che Adjustable Trailing Arms
Che Adjustable Track Arms

Carbotech XP8 Pads Front and Rear
TiC Stainless Steel Brake Lines
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

BRS Auto Design Front Lip
3m Clear Bra
ViS TRD Replica Stage 1 Sideskirts
ViS TRD Replica Stage 1 Rear Spoiler
JDM OE Hardtop
MK1 Eagle Emblem
JDM Celica Sidemarkers
Painted Headlight Housings
Tinted Foglights
Hasegawa lug nuts
Work Emotion CR Cai in Bronze 16x7 (f) 17x8
Falken Azenis rt-615 215/45-16 (f) 235/40-17

MK1 Eagle Steering Wheel Emblem
B&M Short Shifter
STi 6-Speed Shift Knob
Sony m630 Headunit
3M window tint

Speed Source Brass Shifter Bushings
Hasport Transmission Mount
Polyurethane Engine Mount Inserts
Removed Softtop

I know on Church's dyno it said it made 238whp but we all know how high their dyno's read. When I got it here without changing anything it dyno'd 199whp corrected on a dynojet. When I switched over to the AEM instead of the Hondata and had my local tuner tune it, we ended up with 210whp corrected. It is noticeably faster now than on the previous tune. The car is absolutely amazing to drive.

The bad:
1) There is no a/c although the lines are still there and probably wouldn't be too hard to hook up for somebody with some know how and either a 2zz compressor and a custom bracket or a k20 compressor and custom lines.

2) There are no cats on the car so you will need to slip somebody an extra couple bucks to get it to pass emissions or build another exhaust. I have not tried to tune it well enough without the cats to make it pass so Im not sure how easy that would be. People in CA, good luck.

3) The body is in immaculate condition minus the scrape on the bottom of the d/s side skirt and bottom of the front lip. There are extremely minor scratches on the rear bumper, but everything else is amazing.

4) The engine has an oil leak. Its not real severe and I honestly haven't really even looked where its coming from but I did an oil change(mobil 1 syn.) when I first got the car and added a half a quart after about 2,000 miles.

I would like to get $22,000 for the car. Blue book on it is now at about $16,000 if it were bone stock. There is over $25,000 worth of extra money put into this car and it shows. Thats only $6,000 extra for a hardtop(that sells for 3k-4k) and a full K20a swap that would cost between $6k and $12k to replicate(depending on labor) plus all the extras on the car.

Email me at [email protected] with questions or call or text me at 505-259-9961.

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Where was this car when I was looking for one?
what is this? the 3rd time it's being sold in less than 3 years? good luck w/ the sale, if you have a hard time, you could always try on the hon-duh forums too.
Why did you change it to an AEM ems? Mine doesn't drain the battery at all :icon_thumright: . Good luck with the sale. Thats one special car.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Mr.Hanky @ Mar 31 2009, 04:33 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
Why did you change it to an AEM ems? Mine doesn't drain the battery at all :icon_thumright: . Good luck with the sale. Thats one special car.[/b]
Ive never been a fan of Hondata and my tuner was having problems with it. We would change the timing inputs but the actual ignition timing was not what we were telling it. For example it was always 8* off what we wanted. If we changed it 2*, it would change 2* but not be hitting the actual # we were telling it to. Plus its not a real stand alone, so I'd prefer to have the real deal on a car of this caliber.
i kinda find it funny that everyone who gets this car wants to get as much or more money than it was bought for....i guess k20's increase in value as time goes on ?
I find it kinda funny that you have no idea how much time or extra money Ive put into since Ive had it to make it a better car.
I find it kinda funny that everyone on the internet has an opinion about others peoples cars when they have no idea what they're talking about.
Its a starting price. An asking price. Make me an offer for what you think its worth. If you aren't going to make an offer, your opinion on this car doesn't really matter.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (dustylax @ Mar 31 2009, 11:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
i kinda find it funny that everyone who gets this car wants to get as much or more money than it was bought for....i guess k20's increase in value as time goes on ?[/b]
Why do you find the need to interfere with the sale of this car? When I had it posted, you decided to have an ongoing discussion in my thread about how hard it would be to deal with emissions regs on the car to try and dissuade buyers?

If I remember correctly, you bid on the car in the ebay auction.

As a vendor, would you appreciate it if I pursued your threads with negative opinions?
This guy is a vendor?

What an outstanding member of your community Spyderchat!!!
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (iamkswickk @ Mar 30 2009, 10:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
Where was this car when I was looking for one?[/b]
Sell your car and buy this.

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (AndrewM @ Mar 31 2009, 11:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
This guy is a vendor?

What an outstanding member of your community Spyderchat!!![/b]
Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (darkday @ Mar 31 2009, 06:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (AndrewM @ Mar 31 2009, 11:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This guy is a vendor?

What an outstanding member of your community Spyderchat!!![/b]
Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
I hear what you're saying. I just am reading through all the other threads where he's saying that this car is a steal at 20k, yadda yadda yadda. A vendor of all people should know that in a for sale thread you don't throw your negative .02 when it doesn't concern him or any of the buyers. If it was negative but useful information that would help everybody. But he does not know what I paid for the car, nor does he know what Ive put into the car so I get offended when he tries to act like this car is a rip off and Im trying to rip people off.
Seriously, that is one very special piece of equipment you have there. If that was in my garage and I had to consider selling it I would be near tears just thinking about it.

Good luck with the sale. That has to be the meanest looking Paradise Blue I have ever seen.
people need to stop selling this car, its just not the same without its original owner...its like the village bicycle, why?

btw, I thought he had rota torques..
Yes i work for a shop that is a vendor on here.

Yes i will post up to inform people if the car cannot be registered/inspected in certain states for people that dont know stuff like that and are not informed because i would want to know something like that before buying a car and that is something i would inform people right off the bat instead of just trying to not mention it and get rid of it w/o telling them. If someone finds that to be a problem i think they have moral problems not to mention possible legal problems.

I know how things go with upgraded cars which is why i said i think its funny that it keeps increasing in value instead of the opposite like pretty much every other car that gets upgraded these days. the first time it was sold it was being sold for much more than he paid for it and i know exactly how much he paid for it because i knew the original owner, Pablo was also adding in other costs like his cost to transport the car which other people had a problem with, I was not the only person who thought it was surprising that this particular car was being sold for more than paid. When selling a used car you gotta be prepared for haggling which is not even what im doing, if i came on here and said this car isnt worth more than 18k i'd be lying, i think its worth as much as you can get for it but my comment was not a low blow, its just surprising its still being sold for more and more, i wouldnt change my comment because i am still surprised that this car keeps being sold and keeps the same or higher value.

good luck w/the sale.
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Thank you for the clarification. In my list of "the bads" you will notice that number 3 is very clear that is not a simple process of bringing the car to an emissions place, paying $19.95 and walking out with a certification. Im an honest person and already disclosed that for people in CA it will be very difficult and it will be a bit more than a normal process in most other areas to get it registered. I was in no way trying to hide that or not disclose that. Plus, that is something I would hope people would be knowledgeable enough about anyway.

As far as the price goes, its worth whatever someone will pay and what I have as an asking price is absolutely, 100%, irrelevant to how much I paid for it. Having said that, one could argue that the past two times it was sold for less than its value. I really feel that $22k is totally worth the price of this car seeing as how an absolutely stock 04 with 32,000 miles with a hardtop would probably go for $17k-$18k with a 1zz and stock suspension, etc...
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In some of the pictures, there is a Bride seat shown. I do not plan to sell the car with that seat since it will only fit a very small frame. Im 5'7" and about 160lbs. and Im about as tight as that seat should fit. I have the stock seat to put back in there that is in perfect condition. If you want the Bride seat, that is negotiable but because it won't fit a large part of the population I am not planning on leaving it in the car.

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i think it would have also helped if you did list in the original post the money and time spent on parts and labor to modifications you might have done to add value to the car to help propose your asking price since a lot of people on this forum do know the background of your car and such.

i wasnt at all aiming my post about the registration/inspection at you, that was about Pablo who had a problem with me explaining the issue to people at the time of his previous sale of the car, i saw you point it out and beyond that there is really nothing else i would think you'd have to explain about it to anyone as long as they know its not like a normal car when it comes to inspection.

one thing i'd like to know is why the change to the AEM, was that done already or did you want to get rid of the Kpro ?
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I was having a problem with the K-pro. I really don't like tuning with things that are not true standalones to begin with and the K-pro is not a true standalone. With the ignition timing, if I was telling it to do 25* it would actually do 17*. In order to get the actual 25* of timing, I would have to tell it 33*. It would move with what I told it to do, but not do exactly as I said. I did not want that kind of thing going on with the computer doing what it wants. What happens if one day it decides to do 33*? Then the motor is boned. I wasn't willing to take the risk and keep messing with a 'stock' computer so AEM it is. I feel its far superior in every sense.
OOooooh, paradise blue, the fastest color!

Good luck with the sale man.
That color was probably the only reason I didn't buy the car the first time it was on ebay 2 years ago.
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