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I've wanted to Finish More of the Details of the ECU Pinouts, and what the Voltages are.. But It's taking too Long, So I'll Post what I have, and When I get Revisions, I'll Edit..
So this is what I have in an Excel Spread Sheet.. JPG'd for Photobuckett..

I figured it was time to update the File on the ECU pin outs for the 1 and 2ZZ Spyder ECU’s
I’ve included the 1ZZ Spyder ECU with SMT wires as noted, 2ZZ Celica ’00 to ’02 ECU ( 01 is the preferred ) and some work that was done on putting a Corolla 2ZZ Supercharged ECU.

This is the A Spyder ECU Plug. It goes to the Body Harness.

This is the B Spyder ECU Plug. It also goes to the Body Harness.

The top Yellow Line is NOT used on the MT ECU. When converting a SMT to MT Car, the B-1 Line must be cut and the Harness side grounded to allow the Starter to Turn.

This is the C Spyder ECU Plug. It connects to the Engine Harness.

C-13,C19,C20 are SMT ONLY lines used for TPS and APS to check and control operation the Throttle Motor, as SMT is Throttle by wire. SMT has APS, MT does not

This is D Spyder ECU Plug. It also goes to the Engine Harness.

D7,D19,D20,D29 are SMT Only Wires. Used for Motor Control on the Drive by Wire T-Body of the SMT
D18 is the IAC Control Line on the MT Cars. It’s missing on the SMT Cars

This is A Celica ECU Plug.

It is mostly Identical to the Spyder A Plug EXCEPT it needs a Ground wire added at A7. Spyder A7 has nothing there, so it must be added.

This is B Celica ECU plug.

Again it has ground issues that need to be addressed (B-12) but the Spyder wire harness has a pin here. Just cut and move in the Harness. B-16 and B25 are the Engine O2 Sensor in the Spyder, but the Celica ECU wants to see After Cat Sensor.. so they are moved. All of the other wires are Immobilizer Wires, no conflict, so leave them.. and if using a EU ECU with Immobilizer, it will still function.

This is C Celica ECU Plug.

Spyder C5 is part of the Second O2 Sensor used on the Exhaust Manifold. It needs to be Cut . C6,C7,C21 are part of the Added ‘Three Wires’ that go to the Lift Stuff of the 2ZZ Engine. Spyder has no C7 wire, it will need to be added in the plug. Celica 1ZZ ECU does not use C6,C7,C21.

This is D Celica.

It is Compatable with the Spyder D Plug as is. ’02 Celica ECU needs a Knock Return Wire on D-28. And the Knock Sensor on the Engine will have to be changed to a Two Wire Knock Sensor. Normally ’02 Celica ECU’s are not used.

Here is the LittleRocket Patch Harness.

Mostly explains itself.

This is the Corolla A ECU plug. Corolla is not the ECU of choice, but this was developed with the Supercharged 2ZZ in Mind, as they were a dealer Option is some parts of the world.

B Corolla

C Corolla

D Corolla

And this is the Patch Harness that puts it all together. It was never tested in this form. So you are on your own with this..

The LR Swap Harness, is From an Early One.. and the Pics are a Work in Progress, so it has my Notes to Self, on them..

Any Revisions to this, please let me Know and I'll change it..

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