I bought this engine from a friend whose 2005 Pontiac vibe got hit in the left rear quarter panel. Car sat for several years at his friends body shop before he decided to sell me the engine and junk the car. I bought it with intentions of putting it into my 2001 mr2 spyder but have instead decided to rebuild one of my spare 1zz engines with forged internals for boost. Engine ran well when I pulled it from the car. This would be a great option for someone who has an oil burner car as this engine has the newer piston design. Engine comes as pictured but does not come with ignition coils or engine stand. Please note that you will have to drill and tap holes for the axle carrier bearing On the back of the engine block. Otherwise this is a plug and play swap for your worn out oil burning 1zz. Not willing to ship. Engine is located in Ledyard Connecticut.
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