Everything is best offer...
Lots of miscellaneous 1zz parts leftover from my 2000 mr2 manual after my swap I did a couple years ago, been in a bin collecting dust so figured I'd throw them up here. PM me with prices, also note that as all of you probably know shipping is outrageous at the moment so that will have to be factored into the price. Items include:
- Rear Crash Bar
-Exhaust Heat Shield

-2zz wiring Harness (03 Celica gts)
-2zz dip stick
-1zz injector rail
-Heat shields (some painted black)
-Foam for injectors
-Stock intake box (1/2 for some reason)
-smoked side markers
-OEM Underbody bracing
-2zz belt tensioner (new!)
-2zz throttle body (got from a junkyard, went with something else but problem I had was due to unrelated issue)
-misc brackets (SOLD)
-c56 brackets (SOLD)
-Under-engine plastics (some holes ripped for plastic retainer clips) (SOLD)
OEM rear plastics from bumper (SOLD)

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