Before anyone flames me for the price being high, please know this is what it takes to get a totally legal 2zz in CA. You need to have VIN#s for both the engine and ECU from a donor which usually means you're buying an entire donor car. Yes, it's not cheap, but $22k doesn't even cover all of the parts, let alone labor to build this car. Please keep it respectful

  • Asking $22k OBO
  • 2000 MR2 - Clean title – Paint is original 7/10 condition.
  • 238k miles on tub currently
  • BAR legal 2zz and C60/6 speed (under 200k, no grinds on trans)
  • BAR legal Weapon R intake
  • BAR legal Custom 2.5 stainless exhaust with Borla muffler and custom flange
  • BAR legal 2.5” catalytic converter (on vbands)
  • Solid shift bushings (cables and shift mount)
  • Motor completely resealed with factory seals
  • NEW 1zz pan installed
  • NEW O2 sensor
  • NEW water pump
  • NEW Monkeywrench racing lightweight flywheel (steel)
  • NEW OEM clutch
  • Lotus valve cover
  • Custom fabricated reinforced rear crossmember with black powder coat
  • Lightweight batter conversion
  • Shaftworks Bilanx coilovers
  • Whiteline front sway bar
  • 15x8 Konigs square
  • 225 RT660 tires
  • NOS Celica shift knob
  • Cocomats
  • Recovered vinyl seats
  • Scion touchscreen radio update with hands free calling
  • Stingwray Resto-Mod rear bash bar (stock bar included)
  • NEW headlight lenses
  • NEW E-brake cables
  • NEW Fuel tank seals
  • NEW Rollover valve
  • NEW AC compressor
  • NEW Rear eccentric bolts
  • NEW front crash bolts
  • NEW vinyl top
  • NEW TRD replica front strut bar
  • Remanufactured passenger rear brake caliper
  • Recently aligned
  • FACTORY HARD TOP (Included)

This car was built with no expense spared but a new project has come along and it’s time to move it to a new home. Everything works how it should and no corners have been cut for the build. The car has passed BAR exactly how it sits. No swapping parts, no CELS, no more issues to sort.
The 2zz pulls hard in lift and since the swap no issues left to address. Would not hesitate to drive it anywhere, and it recently went back and forth to LA on a road trip with 0 issues.

Paint on the body is typical for a 23 year old vehicle with factory paint. I would give it 7/10. The front bumper and hood have some fading, and there is some oxidation on the decklid. The rear bumper has some spiderwebs and chips. Overall the car looks fantastic for it’s age, but it’s a higher mileage tub and the wear and tear is typical.

The interior is in fantastic shape, top was new when we bought the car for the swap. The drivers side window regulator is a little noisy but works fine. Car has an aftermarket alarm system from a previous owner with keyless entry that works well.

Suspension rides pretty sporty, and I have considered taking off the front sway bar as it makes the car tramline a little more than I would like. If I was continuing with this project I would consider some new front lower control arms to replace the aged bushings. Just including this in the interest of full transparency.

Happy to jump on a phone call with anyone seriously interested.

Cheers, Brian