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Hi All

I so hate doing this. But I have to sell my 2001 MR2 Spyder that I bought 10 years ago. I have hardly been using it since 07 and has been garaged. I used to be a regular at the MR2 owners meetup here till 06 and then life changed for me :)

Also I also was advised that there is some oil leak in the timing cover/possibly head gasket by the dealer when I took it for servicing last. Ive heard a lot of Spyders pre '04 have had this issue. If you can fix it urself, great. Else no other problems with the car..

It also has the Midship Runabout Logo installed.

It only has about 58000 miles on it and its black. Anyone here in the SF bay area interested? Asking for $9950 OBO. Please no low ballers..I mean if Im not going to get a serious buyer, Im going to hang on to it for a while...

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