I'm selling this MR-2 Spyder. I don't need two of them and I'd rather keep the rougher condition one for myself. This one is much to clean to drive on a construction site and it is mechanicaly sound so I don't have an excuse to engine swap. I was starting to fall in love with the red though.
This car came from the estate of an ~80 year old woman. She purchased the car in 2014 and had it until she passed away in 2021. I believe she put ~15k miles on it in that time. It currently has 99,xxx miles. I got it earlier last month and had to jump through all of the hoops with the DMV to get the title. I now have a clean title for it free and clear.
I'm located near Watertown, WI. About 30 minutes west of Milwaukee.
$9500 obo