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2001 MR2 Spyder custom/paint job

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I'm selling my 2001 MR2 Spyder. I am going to miss this car, have to let it go. I have a second baby on the way and need a 4 dr sedan (hopefully a M-B, BMW or Lexus ;)). The car has 107,212 miles on it, it has a custom paint job (porsche boxter orange), TRD style body kit, recently installed soft top, new A/C evaporator, new Tein springs and shocks, TRD shift knob. The engine runs strong and drives as any awesome mid engine roadster should. The car is in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Asking price is Sold
Send me a PM if you are interested. No trade ins please!

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Love the color. Looks like 'construction orange' I've seen on some cars. Good luck with the sale!
Tell me about this car please. I see it for sale at a dealer in Indy. Very interested to hear the REAL story ..... Here or pm please, or even email me at [email protected] Thx
i was just checking out this car on autotrader.
Love the color, always wondered if orange would look nice on these cars. congrats on selling and hope you don`t regret.
You know... I would never imagine that our spyders would look good in that color, but it actually does.
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