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2001 year MR2 Roadster rhd with SMT

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This car will not select gear ! has been to local dealer and he says its either engine ecu or gearbox ecu, I have tried a gearbox ecu and car is still the same. whats the basics checks that i can do first ? dealer is very unhelpful !!!!
thanks people and I look forward to hearing from you Keith
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EDIT.. Topic Moved to SMT Forum..

Hey.. Welcome to Spyderchat..

Sorry you have an SMT.. they are a Problem when things go bad..

This post should have been placed here.. We are Special.. we have a Forum for the SMT People, so they do not Mingle with the Normal People.. < Humor >..

My rule is " It's NEVER the Computer "..

Remember.. It's NEVER the Computer..

Now that we have that out of the way.. need some history..

What happened, and what did they do when 'They' tried to fix it..

I'd like come codes and Symptoms Please..


EDIT:.. here is some lite reading on the SMT..
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