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Still trying to sell my 2002 SMT. It has 142k mi and lots of new parts and runs excellent. I am in Hawaii and the market here for small sporty cars is slim. I have had it on Honolulu and Maui craigslist and on local Facebook forums for a month now with a few low ball offers and no real interest. Its kind of sad because i love this car and it has been a ton of fun, but its time to part ways. I am asking $5900 for it right now but will negotiate. Shipping to mainland might cost around $900. Let me know if you want to take her off my hands.

Precats just removed, they were in perfect shape
New Alternator
New front brakes pads and rotors
New tensioner belt
4 new ignition coils
New head gasket
Tires fairly new
Oil just changed
Air conditioning just charged
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