UPDATE: Sale is pending at $6,500

Have finally admitted to myself that my beloved Spyder no longer works with my lifestyle.

Runs well, have never had a serious problem. Replaced the starter about 10 years ago.

Almost everything is original. Only modifications are swapping out the antenna for a stubby one, upgrading the radio, and adding cruise control.

Rear-ended someone in 2019 (zero stars, do not recommend), but all body damage was fixed and the entire car was re-painted in 2020.

I replaced the convertible top about 10 years ago and the second one is starting to degrade.

I never painted the wheels and they are showing some serious corrosion.

The leather seats are starting to split and they have no padding left.

It hasn't seen the inside of a garage in 17 years.

The upgraded radio pulls a little on the battery and if you let it sit without driving it for a while it will drain the battery. This can be resolved by disconnecting the battery or getting trickle charger. Don't ask how many batteries I went through before I figured this out :(

Will deliver anywhere within a 6-hour drive of Blacksburg, VA with a $500 non-refundable deposit.

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