Removed the OEM 1ZZFE Engine and Transmission from my 2003 MR2 Spyder - Completing a K24 Swap that is just about done.Vehicle has 103,000 miles. About 20,000 of track day use. Purchased from Bring a Trailer from a person in CA

Motor - 103,000 - Definitely burns oil. Has blue smoke from the exhaust pipe when warm and idling. Ran just fine. MOROSO Road Race Pan comes with the motor. I will sell the pan separately if someone wants, but rather sell complete. Last time I took it to the track motor ran fine. Transmission stripped 3rd Gear (in 3rd, its like neutral... lol) Was run with a Turbo at 7-8lbs boost for its track/autocross use. Good for parts, or a spare motor. Comes with all sensors, harness, and if I can find them the O2 sensors. Engine Mounts not included.

Price is $600 or best offer for the motor

Transmission - 103,000 miles - Took to the track, and pulling hard in 3rd stripped the gear. Revs like neutral when in 3rd. car HAS a LIMITED SLIP in it, so useful to rip it apart and take the LSD. All gear changes were fine, no synchro or grinding issues. 3rd gear just gave up...

Price is $500 or best offer for the transmission.

Axles - 103,000 miles - Appear fine. No cuts on the boots and both ends look good. Comes with the carrier shaft on one of the axles. - Price is $100 for the pair, or best offer.

I PREFER local pickup on these. I can rip apart the motor from the tranny if needed. Engine will come with the clutch and flywheel on it. I really DO NOT want to ship these items.