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Sold. Sold. Thanks everybody!

I'm in an odd situation....have been planning a 2gr swap in this car for some time, but my dream car just popped up for sale so I'm between a rock and a hard place. If there is interest in my 05 At this price I am going to bite the bullet and buy my dream car and sell my 05 :(. Please give feedback if you think my price is OK or 'damn thatll sell fast" (lol) for my specs:

2005 Silver Streak
Originally a Florida car (no inclement weather)
123k miles
All original, no mods, perfect mechanical condition
Clean carfax/autocheck (see autocheck score of 84 out of 79-83)
Front bumper was repaired and painted from parking lot bump (see second pic where bumper meets fender), besides that all original
Perfectly straight body but some light scratches (normal wear). Rear bumper is faded from FL sun.

Any interest in a fast sale? If you want to reach me please email me [email protected] or text/call me 805-SCREMIN. I don't check forums/PMs often.


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That's a real nice car, if you were in canada it would have sold pretty quick!! They sell for more up here. Price seems right but not sure what US market is like. Good Luck!!!
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