For sale is a modified Toyota MR2 Spyder. This car was built as a street/autocross car, but only raced a few weekends. Mostly just quick driving around town and some back roads.

It was originally converted to a EB62 6 speed transmission, then later engine swapped with a 2AR-FE (from a Camry/Rav4). Swap was done with Frankenstein Motorworks parts, and worked closely with them to get everything dialed in. Weighs about 2200 pounds and tuned to be around 220 horsepower, so a very quick car. In addition to the swap kit, the car has a full custom exhaust (with high flow cat and muffler), BC Racing coilovers, Konig wheels, battery relocated to the front, a new top (installed about a year ago), paint job, and sound system.

The chassis has 123k miles, with the engine around 90k. Car is currently used to commute in town and maintained regularly.

It's not currently inspected but we're working to get the last little things done. The paint job could use a little touch-up. Synchros on 3rd are starting to go, so it sometimes grinds a bit shifting up to 3rd.

For anyone looking for more power, Frankenstein Motoworks also has a swap to the 2GR v6. Most of the swap kit pieces from the 2AR swap are the same for the V6, so this car could also be purchased with that in mind and save a lot on swap parts. Be aware the V6 swap is really for a skilled driver looking to build a very fast track car.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more pictures, I'm not able to add them all here.