Threw this up in the Spyderchat Facebook group, posting here now.

Anyone interested in a 55k mi 2ZZ/C60 I pulled from my ‘06 Corolla XRS?
Thinking $3k for the lot’s fair.

Would strongly prefer local pickup but can ship at buyer's expense.
(Harbor Freight engine stand/cherry picker are also for sale once the engine's gone. Local Pickup only on those, though.)

Located in Leander, TX - Austin area.

Swap plans for my Spyder changed with an upcoming move.

I was the Corolla’s 3rd owner and had it since 34k miles. Pulled the motor since the Corolla was totaled from a hailstorm and I got sick of looking at all the dents. Bought my Spyder planning to swap it.

Ran the Corolla with a CAI and a Monkeywrench Racing-flashed ECU. Have service records since I bought it. Mostly oil changes/gear oil change.

Engine details:
Ran great, no issues with lift/etc.
Stock internals.
Timing chain tensioner gasket leaks and needs replaced.
One of the engine cover bolts' heads broke - needs drilled out and re-tapped.

2ZZ is an air-injection model, but the holes can be tapped and plugged, or not - with certain headers.

Transmission details:

Clutch seems good to run but may as well replace it - same with a flywheel resurface.
C60 does not have LSD.

Extra goodies:
New OE lift bolts
New OE thermostat
New OE Celica GTS engine cover - needs some trimming for proper fit on Corolla engine
OE Corolla XRS engine cover (if desired - it's kinda ugly)

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Can provide better pictures upon request.