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I experienced a heat soak issue at my last track day (very hot and humid day without any wind). I have a 2ZZ with MWR intake and my battery is located on the subframe. The intake is sucking up hot air in the engine bay.

I want to solve this issue and I need some help!馃榿

I need to know what is the best way to solve this. If you can post pics, that would be great!

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There are a few things that can cause your intake temp to climb out of control.

One is idling. While idling there is no air circulation through the engine compartment. The cure for this a fan mounted under the deck lid. Set it up to blow upward and suck air in through the vents. For this to be effective you must remove the drip tray.

Second is insufficient flow of cold air to the intake filter. One cure for this is to move the intake filter as close as possible to the side vent. Use a silicone tube extension. Another cure is a side vent scoop. This enhances the air flow while in motion. .

Finally the aluminum intake manifold itself is prone to heat soak. One cure for this is a phenolic insulator between the head and the intake. These are available for sale online and they insulate the manifold from the head.

If these methods are insufficient then your next step is water meth injection. The latent heat of vaporization has a cooling effect on the charge.
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