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Part out time I have a 2ZZ complete swap for sale, as well as another 2ZZ engine.

Apexi Power FC, 2zz version, no commander, currently has tune for stock engine with upgraded valve train - $500

Insane axle shafts "500 hp" units - $500

MWR oil cooler, complete kit - $350

Saikou Mitchi dual canister oil catch can w/ hoses - $150

Used spare parts - make me an offer:
Matrix 2zz intake and throttle body, coil packs, water pump, 180 degree thermostat, alternator, AC compressor, black powder coated timing cover, Matrix 2zz wiring harness, valve cover (with gaskets and spark plug seals), engine mount bracket, K&N air filter for a MWR intake, water pump pulley and alternator pulley, serpentine belt tensioner. Also have a new OEM axle support bearing.

2ZZ swap for MR2
Pulled from a running car, should be an easy swap. Includes just about everything needed:
JDM engine (40-60k miles) (bought from JDM engine supplier)
I have put about 50 street miles and 6 race miles on this engine
Lift bolts replaced, new timing chain tensioner o-ring, otherwise stock long block
Black powder coated valve cover with new gasket and spark plug seals
NGK BKR6EIX spark plugs
MWR 2ZZ swap intake with K&N filter and prefilter
MWR 2ZZ swap dipstick tube
MWR 2ZZ swap passenger side engine mount bracket
MWR alternator and water pump pulleys
Water pump is the better version (brown plastic impeller outflows the steel impeller version)
TRD 170 degree thermostat
1ZZ oil pan with oil temp sensor
Includes both o2 sensors, complete engine wiring, full exhaust
2000 Celica ECU - passes emissions

Exhaust details:
Stainless steel long tube header for Lotus Elise (OBX), modified to a slightly different angle, with o2 bung
Everything else mild steel 2 1/2" diameter
Vibrant Performance V band clamp
flex pipe
wideband sensor bung (plug this if not running a wideband sensor)
hi-flow catalytic converter (200 cell), o2 bung
Borla Pro XS muffler
Works with the provided aftermarket rear crash bar to allow a higher exhaust exit (exits through bumper not below it)
To use this exhaust setup you will need to either notch the rear crossmember (like I did) or modify the header to go over it.

What do you need to get this running in your car?:
Wiring option A: You need to add four wires inside the car from the body harness to connect to the engine harness (can take pics and try to walk you through this if needed).
Wiring option B: Purchase an adapter (Monkey Wrench Racing PnP harness or similar)
Need obvious things like oil, coolant.
If you want AC, need to get a longer accessory (serpentine) belt and install the included AC compressor (or the compressor from your car).

Asking $2200 for everything above (complete engine swap, no transmission or clutch/flywheel). Local pickup only.

used 2ZZ engine
JDM engine supplier sourced (40-60k miles)
I used this engine for one race (so about 10 street miles and 60 race miles).
The only issue with this is I had an axle break before the race, which swung around and knocked a small corner off the block (see pic). I attempted to fix the issue with JB weld and this helped, but it still leaks oil from the crack. I believe this could be easily repaired with a better quality metal epoxy. Otherwise this engine ran great.
I put new lift bolts in and a 1ZZ oil pan with oil temp sensor, but otherwise stock. This was the cleanest looking used engine I have ever seen when I pulled the valve cover.
Mostly complete engine (from a Toyota Matrix I believe, so the wiring harness will not quite reach for use in a MR2 - but you just use the one from a 1ZZ MR2). Missing just a few small items - oil pressure sensor, fuel rail, dipstick, AC compressor, serpentine belt, and a couple intake manifold bolts.
Make me an offer, local pickup only.

Sold/spoken for:
Lotus coil pack cover - sale pending
Used C60 transmission, 4.5:1 final drive with TRD helical LSD, ACT throw out bearing, new axle seals, has a very slight 3rd gear synchro crunch - only noticed when downshifting to 3rd without rev matching - sale pending
MWR lightweight steel flywheel w/ ARP bolts - sale pending
ACT HDSS clutch (full face - clutch pedal slightly stiffer than stock) w/ ARP bolts - sale pending
2zz stage 2 head - sale pending
Head gasket, timing chain, billet oil pump, head bolts and tool - sale pending

The ad is very detailed and honest, but feel free to reach out with more questions or picture requests if needed.

2ZZ swap:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

Motor vehicle Gas Automotive exterior Automotive air manifold Machine

Valve Plumbing valve Gas Electricity Machine

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Automotive wheel system

Used engine:
Automotive tire Coil spring Gas Electrical supply Machine

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Automotive lighting Tread


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