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I have searched and checked and everyone says that the problem is the stock 1zz downpipe is way too small.
However I do not have a stock one.
I would like to reweld my non stock 1zz manifold to fit my 2zz.

Anyone who has some dyno's for a non stock system?

  • Modified Header for 1zz
  • Non Stock downpipe with 200 cell cat
  • PPE Exhaust
I do 0-60mph in 6,7s so clearly more power than stock.



Would I lose a lot of power when i use the same system? since they claim the header+downpipe gives 30-ish HP on the 1zz

P.s. how short can the exhaust be ? My muffler is rotatable so the flange sits at the side where manifold sits but will be short lol
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