Too many projects along with work and school are preventing me from modifying my Spyder. Buyer would have to cover paypal fees.

MWR 2zz swap harness. Sold to skillman11
MWR 2zz header. Sold
PPE 2zz header. Sold to mytheguy
MWR 2zz mount. Sold to Silversprint
Gokeys Garage coolant reservoir. Brand new. Sold to Gabzor
2000 Celica gts computer. Sold
MWR 2zz intake. Sold
Power House Amuse crash bar. New. Amuse is no longer doing business in Japan after dealings with the mob. This is too nice and can’t justify putting it on my Spyder. Should be for someone with a mint car.
$550 picked up. Shipping would probably be around 50 bucks
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